About Us

We provide much more than farm equipment. We provide a commitment to productivity that lasts from one season to the next.

Heartland Tractor's entire organization upholds one simple commitment: Customer satisfaction. If there’s one thing we promise to our customers – our partners – it’s to help maintain their investments year in and year out with unbiased expertise that maximizes profits. Bottom line, you want your season to go smoothly. And so do we. So we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.


Our Story

Heartland Tractor sells and services tractors, combines, planting and tillage implements, hay and forage equipment, attachments, grain carts and hauling equipment and a full line of products for Missouri and Kansas. We keep a full line of parts in stock to provide fast and proper maintenance on each piece of equipment we sell.

The foundation of our success has been an unwavering commitment to our mission. The pillars upon which our organization rests are Quality Products, Talented People and a commitment to making Customer Satisfaction our first priority.


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